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Unexpected present

hoooray! too bad I haven't seen it yet. The thrill if it works properly is killing me.
Biometar 2.8/80, sweetness that I have not tasted yet. :)

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It's mine!

I am hyper excited for the Mamiya C33 with 80/2.8 that I got today! It is a true beauty and only chores prevented me from finishing the first roll this afternoon. It's missing the lens cap, so if you have any extra laying around give me a shout. Number 14 in the list of cameras is taken now.

...and couple of images from the recent Holga roll:

Back to work tomorrow... daydreaming starts all over again.


The unfortunate one

Number 13 in the camera list happen to be a Polaroid 636 close up I got tonight after work. The unfortunate number has been claimed. I am loading her tomorrow for some daylight shots.

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The Cameras

While waiting for the big mama to eventually get across the border I thought I'd share the current list:

2. Agat18K - half frame camera
3. Action Sampler - 35mm
4. Lomo Fisheye - 35mm
5. Holga - roll
6. Lomo Smena 8M - 35mm

7. Lubitel 166B

8. Praktica FX
9. Zenit 12XP
10. Exa
11. Exacta VarexIIA


12. Polaroid One

#13 - I am reading the manual now. :)


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