It's mine!

I am hyper excited for the Mamiya C33 with 80/2.8 that I got today! It is a true beauty and only chores prevented me from finishing the first roll this afternoon. It's missing the lens cap, so if you have any extra laying around give me a shout. Number 14 in the list of cameras is taken now.

...and couple of images from the recent Holga roll:

Back to work tomorrow... daydreaming starts all over again.

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  1. kevin says:

    w00t. I need to dig out my c330 and run another roll through it, but that thing is a beast. I did just finally get a good tripod so I can actually start using my 4x5.

  2. thanks Kevin. It does look and feel like a ton of fun. show me what you've shot with it. :)

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