...means basically time for prints or time for CD. It is a bargain where the photographer's work in the form of prints or quality images on CD pays for the model's time and vice versa. Here is the Wikipedia article which while making things too complicated for what I have in mind, brings to the table some points to consider. A good read if the concept is something you are not familiar with. Anyway what I am getting at is that I am trying to push myself to explore further and photograph people outside the immediate family. So if you like my work drop me a line and we'll figure something out. Bottom line would be you get pictures, I get new work, all drink beer and smile. :)

Too bold of an idea for my level of experience? O_o

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  1. Крис says:

    i am almost tempted! especially when you mentioned the beer :)
    if only i liked being photographed a little bit more :)

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